As a Bride you will be so excited to start planning for your wedding. More than likely, you will have your wedding scrap book, screen-shots from Facebook & Instagram and tons and tons and tons of boards on Pinterest! But where do you start?! Do you start with the guest list? Or decide which venue you will be choosing? What about the Bridesmaid’s dresses? Whoah…. let’s take a deep breath and see the Top 10 Tips that I can offer to all the Bride-to-Be’s!

1.       Make deadlines to complete tasks

Having your wedding date as a deadline isn’t really ideal! Suppliers need to be booked in advance. It might seem like common sense, but thinking about all the initial bookings can be overwhelming. What I suggest is to have deadlines for the actual booking. For example:

Wedding date: 16th May

Need to book MUA by: 22nd February

Book caterers by: 13th March

Push yourself to be specific and give actual dates, rather than just a month. Dates are more realistic to complete. Planning is always crucial! If you don’t see yourself as organised as this, you should look into hiring a Wedding Planner. Wedding Planner’s do all the work for you so you can concentrate on the fun stuff! If the budget allows of course.


2.       Wedding Night Pressure

Most Asian wedding days run for at least 16 hours which means that you will both be exhausted by the time it has ended. Brides can be up from 3:00am to start their hair and make up and the day could finish around 10:00pm depending on the location of your grooms home. My wedding day ended at 12:00am, my husband lived two miles from my parents house so I have no idea how this happened. We booked a hotel room nearby which had a jacuzzi in the room. The idea was to get into something more comfortable, pop some champagne and relax in the Jacuzzi. What really happened was after I took out my 100 pins from my hair I fell asleep and so did my husband. It was all just too much and we had to be up early the next day to go back to my in laws which is a tradition. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have an amazing wedding night, be realistic and get some rest!

Remember that you will be spending each night together from on.

3.       Hire a wedding planner

Without a wedding planner you could start stressing about every little detail, when you should really be enjoying and embracing the day. A lot of brides take it upon themselves to be the organiser or perhaps a member of your bridal party. They can’t be everywhere at once; sorting out the drinks, walking down the aisle, finding out where the photographer is. These kind of issues should really be dealt with someone behind-the-scenes while everyone is enjoying the day.

Selina wedding day blunder #1 My champagne entrance didn’t happen as I forgot to ask my dad to buy the champagne. Oops!

Wedding day blunder #2 my dad asked me to walk into our gurdwara ceremony assuming my husband was ready for me, guess what, he wasn’t and I was devastated.

I’ll stop there.

4.       Eat (Shhh….secret snacks!)

A lot of brides forget to eat or don’t have the time to eat during the day. I know! Scary! I always advise to have one member of the bridal party to be in charge of snacks. Something light and easy to carry like an energy/ breakfast bar is good. A member of your bridal party can quickly give you something to munch on and you’ll get a little more energy. Bottles of water is also important to keep hydrated especially if it is a summer wedding!

5.       Don’t be afraid to ask

As the saying goes - If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Your wedding is the best time to ask for complimentary add-ons from suppliers. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for those extra lights from the DJ or a lipstick sample from the MUA. Also, ask friends and family for a helping hand prior to the big day. You’ll be glad when you’ve made those little savings; Or even have those little extra’s that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. To be clear we are not saying ask your suppliers for monetary discounts as every reputable business have their prices set according to the quality of service they provide.

6.       Paper trial of amendments and double-check them

To add to step 5, anything you do have complimentary or any changes should be double-checked. Just send a quick email to confirm the change, and make sure to keep the reply. This reminds both yourself and the supplier of any changes. Always have everything in writing! I would suggest to print those emails of confirmation and keep them handy in your planner.

7.       Itinerary, supplier contacts & partner’s contact

I think it’s important to have a run-of-the day with timings. This can easily be put together on an Excel sheet. This should include all the supplier’s contact numbers such as the photographer, make-up artist, DJ, and the florist. A main and important contact that people tend to forget is your partner’s best man/bridesmaid. Your partner will just be busy as you and won’t have their phone near-by. So a contact from your partner’s side is always the best alternative. If possible, try to get a few contacts.

8.       #HashtagYourPhotos

 Drop a card on the table where your guests are sitting or even ask the DJ to advertise this on his plasma screens from time to time.


#JaneAndDavidsGloriousVintageWhiteAndBlueWedding - too long! Keep it simple - #JaneWedsDavid #JaneAndDavidGetHitched

9.       Share your ideas

It’s nice to keep little secrets to surprise your guests, but the problem with that is that only you know how certain things will look. So if there is anything that is wrong, only you can change it. This is pretty much impossible as you will be so busy on the day! To solve this, you can let your maid of honour or a trusted friend know of your ideas. They can double check all this for you and fix anything on the day. Even better, having a wedding planner who will be able to take care of everything for you. I will ensure the decor is perfect before the suppliers leave, the DJ will be cued when to request the couple for their first dance, ensuring all ceremonies take place and much more. A wedding planner will make sure it runs perfectly! This way you will be confident that everything will look stunning and it’s still a nice surprise to your guests.

10. Enjoy the day!

This is most important tip! Stress will come, no doubt about that… But remember what the day is about. It’s about you preparing to commit the rest of your life with the person you love. The best thing is that you will be with all your family and friends to witness all the love! Take a moment to take it all in as you read this. Remember that on the day of your wedding you’re about the embark on the most beautiful journey with the love of your life!

Selina Surpal