It can always be difficult to start planning the Hen Party for a Bride. Keep all the plans a secret so it is a nice surprise for the bride. It can also be hard to find activities that are suitable for the whole hen group. This is for the  Maid of Honours/ Bridesmaids/ Best friends/ Sisters/ Cousins that need some inspiration to start planning the Bride’s last night of freedom!

Spa weekend

Having a relaxing hen weekend is a great option! Especially with all the planning that the hen is going through with the wedding. It’s a place where everyone can relax and enjoy spending time with one another. You can book massages with the Spa and plan a lovely dinner in the hotel or a restaurant. A great thing about a spa weekend is that you still have the choice to have a night out in the near-by city and have the most relaxing hangover the day after! A spa day would definitely be an option for me if I was planning my wedding now, I just love them!

Vintage afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea is ideal for all ages and is proving popular. This option is suitable for grandmas in the family or younger sisters or nieces. There are some quirky or vintage Afternoon Teas available. Afternoon Tea can be available in hotels or restaurants in your local town or venture out to the next nearest city.

Paintballing. What?! Hear me out….

Why should all the boys have the fun?! If you think this is something that the hen will enjoy, do it! Paint balling, laser quest, go karting are always great fun; especially with a groups of girls who have never experienced activities such as these. It is a risk, but to get the girls laughing and a little competitive this can be something different!

City break

When it comes to planning a hen weekend, this can be one of the few times that all your family and friends are together so is a great time to go exploring the great cities, visiting museums or seeing famous landmarks. My hen night took place in Majorca with 4 of my best friends and we had a theme and drinking games every night for 4 nights straight. I was 25 at the time and for me I loved dancing, drinking and having a laugh. No regrets, I’m glad I did it, my life now at 32 with two kids is very different. I’d recommend Barcelona as it is a great place to have a hen party, as you get the city life, the beach and nightlife all in one place.

Home Hen

This is great idea for anyone who is on a budget. You can still have a themed night and even better, have us to decorate the house to match the theme! From an elegant Arabian Night theme where you can have belly dancing as an activity to a pamper party where everything is pink and sparkly! A hot tub party is a popular one at the minute. Ordering a take away to cover the food is a great idea or asking everybody to bring a dish can spread the cost- especially if you are paying for all the entertainment and décor at home. Free venue, no travel costs and your rules!

Now get planning whichever option you choose.

Selina Surpal